How To Fish A Hair Jig For Bass

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How To Fish A Hair Jig For Bass,

How to fish a hair jig. Bassmaster elite series angler seth feider discusses the ultimate finesse bait for smallmouth fishing, hair jigs.

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I have been fishing hair jigs since the late 50's starting with doll fly hair jigs.

How to fish a hair jig for bass. And that’s critical in tough conditions. The jig is similar to marabou jigs used by crappie fishermen, but bass models will often have a larger, stronger hook and possibly a longer or thicker skirt. When you’re fishing a hair jig, you need to put the bait where the fish are, and where they’re feeding on that forage.

The 5 giant bass listed were all caught on hair jigs with pork rind trailers, the old pig n jig. Though fishing hair jigs for chilly bass isn’t specifically a northeast deal, the technique seems to have taken a bigger foothold there than in some other smallmouth areas. Punch your jig through dense cover to fish the shallows.

Jigs that are power fished, are known to fish fast and aggressively. I bought a couple of daiwa tatula 7’6” hair jig rods designed by seth feider. However, flw pro aj slegona keeps another type of hair jig handy.

Fishing a jig in deeper water is productive in the summer and winter time or when baitfish have moved offshore. Fishing a hair jig isn’t any different than fishing other types of jigs. Bass jigs can be power fished vertically as well, in the form of flipping, pitching or punching.

Finesse jig fishing involves a smaller jig skirt and a lighter hook for fishing places with small fish, crowded quarters, and cold water. Sinking line gives a hair jig a more natural presentation. By far, this was our best color and size of hair jig.

Vmc marabou dominator jig 1/4 oz (brown). Learn some tricks for not losing fish around zebra mussels, other great cold water baits, best times and places for fishing hair jigs, how to fish a hair jig and more in this remastered bass fishing class seminar video. 0:56 fishing hair jigs is a staple in winter and spring cold water for smallmouth and largemouth bass;

Selecting size and color of marabou jig. As the calendar flips into spring, take your hair jigs to rocky banks where bass hunt crayfish in steadily warming waters. Those fish were literally on the bottom in those winter tournaments, and i mean right on the bottom.

From leech black to crayfish brown and baitfish white, a variety of colors in a hair jig box will help you catch fish. If you have clear water, smallmouth and fish 15' of water or less, this seminar is for you! These baits replicate the most sought after food for smallies this time of year, crawfish.

I started to fish with a hair jig a couple of Bassmaster tournament fishermen are now using hair jigs to win some tournament cash, especially on clear, cold lakes in the north. The hair jig is witnessing a revival in competitive bass fishing.

Then slowly hop, or crawl the jig along the bottom. The hair jig has been a proven means of catching fish for longer than most of us have been alive and there are plenty of manufactures that make hair jigs, so why is it you see top pros tying their own when it comes down to tournament day? Hair jigs are perfect for targeting finicky schools of fish as well as suspended bass that are elevated in the lake.

Each charade is completed with different retrieves, head design and material. They are a bit on the pricey side, but truly an incredible tool for hair jigging. The jigs are often quickly hopped, stroked, or swam horizontally.

Bomb your hair jig out there, and let it fall down to the bottom. These jigs are practically deadly on smallmouth bass because of their natural action. Jim butwid with some of his most recent jigs and flies.

Anglers should never head out on a mission for cold water bass without a solid stock of fur balls on hand. (photo by pete anderson) color is one variable that allows hair jigs to resemble any part of a bass’s menu. Smallmouth bass are mainly sight feeders, and a properly fished hair jig, will hardly be passed up by a hungry river smallie.

Whether fishing a hair jig shallow for prespawn bass or on deep ledges and offshore structure for wintering fish, the presence of rock is essential, and a slow drag is the best retrieve for persuading inactive bass. Football jig fishing describes a type done on rocky bottoms with a jig that features a head shaped like a football, a full gap hook, and fuller skirting. Hair jig fishing has been around for decades, but has grown more recently in popularity especially because of people like seth feider.

Hair jig fishing for bass is an art form. It’s a style of jig fishing intended to trigger reaction strikes. The marabou hair jigs are the perfect all around style for catching bass in the cold.

It is dragged along the bottom. In this video, seth discusses: Fishing line, rod & reel tackle setup for optimal casting distance.

The original preacher jig which is nothing more than a magnum hair jig with feathers sewn into it as well to give a big shad profile made a strong comeback in recent years and produces big bass catches in waters with a shad forage base, especially places like the tennessee river where schools of bass group up offshore and get competitive feeding on shad.

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